About Sonoran

Our Story

The Sonoran Desert is a wide stretch of land that runs the length of North America from Mexico to British Columbia. Filled with a myriad of eco-systems, at its peak, the Sonoran provides the perfect conditions for grape growing in the Okanagan. Hot, dry summer days and cool evening breezes make this, the only Canadian desert valley, a unique and beautiful home for some of North America's best wines.

The founding family moved to Ontario, Canada in 1982 from Holland. After 7 years, they visited BC and they purchased a property in the Lower Mainland. Once, they took a short holiday to the Okanagan and fell in love with Summerland. They found a beautiful parcel of land between Highway 97 & Lake Okanagan where they planted grape vines. In the summer of 2004 they opened their wine shop.   After 12 years, In the Summer of 2016, the beautiful Sonoran Winery was taken over by Summerland Estate Ltd.  A new journey starts from here forwards. 

A visit to Sonoran Winery is a treat for all your senses. The Sonoran Winery features beautiful panoramic view of Lake Okanagan.  Taste our range of artisan crafted wines. Wander through our vineyards. Feel the soft breeze from Lake Okanagan, and soak up the rich Okanagan Sunshine. Let your gaze wander across the hazy mountain ranges that seem to go on forever until they reach the blue summer sky. It's a little piece of paradise, with heavenly wines to match.

At Sonoran Winery, we value quality over quantity. It all starts in the vineyards, where the vines are meticulously maintained. At the peak of ripeness, the grapes are handpicked and gently pressed to protect their incredible flavoured juices. Fermented in small lots, the new wines slowly develop into our award winning vintages. From grapes to bottle, every step of our winemaking process is treated with passion, with care and with love. In the end, the fruits of our labour are rewarded, enjoyed and shared around the globe by friends and family.